Do I Have A Case If I Slipped And Fell in a Store?

When you leave your house to go out for a nice day of shopping at the mall or to pick up groceries for your family, the last thing you expect to happen is to end up injured. When customers enter a store, they expect a reasonable level of safety from injury. If you were recently injured while shopping at a retail establishment, you could potentially have a claim or lawsuit. By law, property owners are required to maintain a structurally safe building and store owners are also required to keep their shop free from hazards that could injure their clientele. In this blog, our Port St. Lucie personal injury attorney discusses some aspects to consider when deciding if you have a slip and fall case.

Rules of Liability

  1. Building Owner Required to Keep Building Structurally Safe – This means that property owners are required to provide a reasonable level of safety with regard to the structural integrity of their building. For example, a property owner has been notified that a stair in one of the stairwells of their building is rotten, days pass and the property owner fails to fix it. Later a guest falls into the rotting wood of the stair injuring their ankle. In this instance, the property owner could be held liable for that guest’s injury because they were aware of the issue and given ample time to fix it, but did not.
  2. Customer Uses Property Ordinarily – When a customer or guest comes into a store the expectation is that they will use the property in a manner according to the rules and regulations set by the property owner or store manager. For example, Disneyland sets strict rules on who may come into the park wearing a costume. In fact, only children under the age of 14 may enter the park in a costume. Jen, 22, comes into the park dressed as a popular princess and is swarmed by children and fans requesting photographs. One child accidently pushes her into a puddle where she slips and falls, injuring her head on the pavement. In this example, Jen could be held liable for her accident because she failed to adhere to the property rules.

How to Determine Liability

Our Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyer examines the timeline of the accident in order to determine who is liable for the injury. If you slipped on an unknown substance in a store, we would want to determine what the substance was and where it came from. Was the substance a spill from another customer? Was management notified of the spill and did they make an effort to clean it up in a reasonable amount of time? Had management placed signage around the spill notifying customers to be cautious when walking around the area? At David Golen P.A., we will thoroughly examine these aspects of your case for you so you can relax and heal from your injuries.

When you feel ready, our Port St. Lucie personal injury attorney can help you build your slip and fall case. No one deserves to suffer injuries due to the negligence of another party. When you choose to be represented by our firm, we will fight to win you maximum compensation for your injuries. You could receive compensation for the cost of your medical bills, loss of pay, pain and suffering.

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